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CADOPAN, an interesting online shopping site from Sichuan, the panda's home.

Who We Are

Cadopan is an online sales company located in Chengdu, the hometown of pandas. We are committed to bringing customers interesting and fun products.
Cadopan is invested by Chengdu Maomao Moyu Technology Co., Ltd. (referred to as: Maomao Moyu). The main business of Maomao Moyu is the international trade of food and food raw materials.
Maomao Moyu is also involved in the Chinese tourism reception business (currently local tourism and conference reception business in Tibet and Sichuan).

Quality control

From factory to customer, we strictly control every link of the product from purchase to sale.

Innovative R&D

We want to have a lot of interesting products on this planet, not stuffy products.


We insist on choosing environmentally friendly factories as our suppliers.


We believe that product quality certification is an attitude towards customers.

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What We Do



Travel Agency


We’re an ambitious pack, working with a dogged determination and dedication towards creating an inclusive, empowered and customer-first environment for our clients, partners and one another.

We want you to be able to unleash your full potential for personal and professional growth, offering competitive salaries, robust medical & dental insurance, advancement opportunities.

We cooperate with charitable organizations and are committed to community building, new energy and other charitable projects.

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